Новы нумар

Belarusan Historical Review Volume 1, Fascicle 1 (1994)

Hienadz Saganovich. Nationality of History as a Science. P. 5-14.
Alaksandr Miadzviedzieŭ. Population of Belarus in the Iron Age (8th century BC – 8th century CE). P. 15-37.
Rastislaŭ Baraby. Receiving of Magdeburg Rights by the City of Bieraście and Political Struggle in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the edge of 14th and 15th Centuries. P. 38-53.
Sofja Kuzniajeva.The National Rebirth and National Awareness of the Belarusians in the First Half of 19th Century. P. 54-65.

Juliusz Bardach. Relations between Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (from the End of 14th to 17th Century). P. 66-81.
Philip White. What is a Nationality? P. 82-109.

Franc Kušal. Attempts of organizing of the Belarusian Armedd Forces during the German Occupation. Foreword by Alaksiej Licvin. P. 110-129.

New Literature on History: Reviews
Boyer, Alain. L’eplication on histoire (Siarhiej Pankoŭski). P. 130-132.
Korobushkina, Tatjana N. Mounds of the Belarusian part of lands along the Buh river of 10th-13th Centuries (Aleh Ioŭ). P. 132-140.
Viarhej, Valancina S. Archeological Science in Belarusian SSR. 1919 – 1941. (Hienadz Siemianchuk). P. 140-147.
Tiberg, Erik. Zur Vorgeschichte des Livländischen Krieges (Hienadz Sahanovich). P. 147-148.
Kappeler, Andreas. Russland als Vielvölkerreich (Hienadz Sahanovich). P. 148-150.
Molden, Otto. Die europäische Nation. Die neue Supermacht vom Atlantik bis zur Ukraine (Ruslan Lobaŭ). P. 150-151.
Kosik, Volodymyr. Ukraine and Germany in the Second World War (Zachar Shybieka). P. 152-154.
Domorad, Konstantin I. Communist Party Underground and Partisan Movement in the Minsk oblast: 1941-1944 (Siarhej Jorsh). P. 154-155.
Mironowicz, Eugeniusz. Białrusini w Polsce: 1944-1949 (Ruslan Lobaŭ). P. 155-156.
Darski, Jerzy. Białoruś. Historia, współczesność, konflikty narodowe (Zachar Shybieka). P. 156-159.

Dissertations in history, defened in Belarus in 1993 – first half 1994. P. 160-161.
18th International Congress of Historical Sciences in Montreal. P. 162-163.
5th World ICSEES Congress in Warsaw. P.163.