Vasil Varonin. The Druck Princes of XIVth century

This article covers a number of aspects connected with the Druсk prince’s dynasty. The town of Druсk and its prince’s dynasty played an important role in Belarusian history of the XIIth century.  But there is a lack of reliable information about them for the next hundred years. Some of the facts are mentioned in Belarusian–Lithuanian annals of the XVIth century, but these facts have legendary character. Nevertheless the later historiography, which is being explored in this article, is based exactly on these facts. The first historical Druсk prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania epoch was Danila, who ruled in early XIVth century. He started the oldest (accordingly to J.Wolff, a Polish genealogist) branch of this dynasty. Prince Vasil Mikhajlavich belonged to that dynasty. He founded the Virgin Mary Church in Druсk and gave it the parchment Gospels, a unique masterpiece of Belarusian book culture of XIVth century. The youngest branch of Druсk princes comes from Dzmitry, who was the second son of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Alhierd and became Druсk prince owing to the dynastic marriage.