Jan Rycblik. National History making as the Essence of National Idea and Ideology (Czech example).

The South and Central Europe folks started making their «national histories» from the beginning of the XIX century. At that time the Czechs created their own historical myth too. In concordance with it such conspicuous statesmen as Carl IV, Vaclav IV and Jan Žyžka protected the interests of all their nationals. When building a nation the Czech history covered the history of both state territory and the Czech ethnos. The concept under which the Czechs used to live in their strong state and repulsed all the attacks of their neighbors was in­vented and maintained. Then the state became weak and the Czechs had to suffer from other peoples. But it is time (in the XIX century) to wake up for the Czechs to recover their former greatness as well as to actualize the idea of revival of their own state.