Vasil Varonin. The Biarezina River as Border between «Ruś» and «Lithuania».

The problem of determination of the border between GDL’s „Ruthenian» and „Lithuanian» lands is one of major tasks for the specialists in current historical geography. The researches of some experts of are devoted to fining the solution to the above-mentioned problem. However, many of their conclu­sions are often controversial and so far the challenge remains unsolved. In this article the author introduced a version that the border between „Ruњ» and „Lithuania» passed along the right bank of the Dniepr — the Biarezina Rivers. The first facts of existence of such division relate to the 70ies — 80ies of XV century and are fixed in further — including XVIII century. However this division was only relevant to the borders be­tween the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (later Polish-Lithuanian State- „Rzeczpospolita») and the Grand Duchy of Muscovy (later Russia). Particularly often the above-mentioned division comes forward in relation to the military conflicts between these states and diplomatic negotiations. Actually, this division reflects neither the borders of settling of any ethnos, nor the borders of dukedoms, existing in this region earlier, or even internal administrative borders of the Grand Duchy of Lithu­ania. It is necessary to examine The Biarezina River should be examined only as the border of historical areas which were given names „Ruњ» and „Litva» (Lithuania). Thus, this divi­sion behaved to the area of geographical presentations. It is neither unique nor generally accepted into the bargain. To all appearance, the division arose up in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its ancient origin is very doubtful. Most proba­bly, this division needs to be bound to the privileges that were divulged by Grand Dukes of Lithuania for proper Lithuanian land („Lithuania propria») that required the determination of its geographical borders.