Jury Turonak. The Fabian Akinčyc’s group’s activity (1939-1943)

Fabian Akinčyc, a Belarusian political figure, who worked toward the creation of the national-socialist party in Western Belarus, hoped that due to this kind of activity he would be charged with the ruling political position in Belarus after the German occupancy. These hopes were destroyed by the German authorities’ prohibition of all activities for local parties, including the national-socialist one. As a result, Akinčyc made efforts to organize his own group of activity. In close cooperation with authorities it was aimed to contribute to the accomplishment of his ambition in the future. The group of Akinčyc supporters included his pre-war collaborators as well as new cadres from prisoners of war from the Polish and Red armies. The group’s activity had resulted in some important achievements: creation and strengthening of the leadership of Belarusian Committee for Self-Help in Germany; the fight against the influence of Mikola Abramčyk, Ivan Jermačenka and other political opponents; training and sending out groups of prisoners of war to Belarus who worked then in German institutions as translators, propagandists, sometimes as collaborators of security service (SD) and organizers of The Union of Belarusian Youth.