Andrej Macuk. The Army as an Instrument of Establіshіng August III’s Authorіty іn the Grand Duchy of Lіthuanіa іn 1733-1735

After Stanislav Leszczynski being elected king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, some nobility (szlachta) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, especially from Navahradak and Miensk regions, joined the Warsaw confederation of nobility, which had choosen for the throne August III (5.10.1733).  Supporters of both candidates entered a conflict, which was greatly influenced by the armies of M. F. Radzivil, J. Ahinski as well as Russian military leaders, Izmailov, Bismark and Repnin. At first, the troops of Antoni Paciej had nearly eliminated in the GDL the assotiation of August III’s supporters. However, in spring of 1734, about 19 thousand Russian army was grouped there — and these forces were considerably greater than those of Stanislav І’s supporters. As the result of Gdańsk capitulation, the further amassing of Russian troops as well as their military successes in summer of 1734, the scales were finally turned in favour of the supporters of August III. By the end of 1734 — beginning 1735, the nobility supporting Stanislav І layed down their arms and acknowledged August III’s authority.