Dzmіtry Vіćko. The Attempt of Republіcans to Get Hold of the Power over the GDL Army іn 1697-1698

The political crisis in the Commonwealth while the interregnum of 1696-1697 created conditions for the resistance of the opposition (republicans) in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the hegemony of the Sapiehas’ magnate family. Firstly the main stake was on GDL army that was interested in remuneration. As a result there was a split in the army and a part of it recognized the power of one of republican leaders, GDL grand standard-bearer Gregory Oginski. Butthe nobility was notinterestedinthe solution of financial problems that is why the treaty concluded 3 March, 1698 between the nobility and Oginski’s army abolished the remuneration debt. 30 April, 1698 republican army capitulated and became again subordinated to GDL grand hetman Kazimir Sapieha. Previous relations played an important role at that because many clients of grand and field hetmans remained in Oginski’s army. After defeat in the struggle for the army in the middle of 1698 republicans called for its dissolution.