Mіrosіaw Nagіelskі. Mіlіtary actіvіty of Aleksander Hіlary Palubіnskі (1648-76)

Aleksander Hilary Palubinski (1626-79), field clerk (1654-69) and the Major Marshall of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1669-79) can be estimated as one of the most outstanding officers of middle level of the second half of the seventeenth century. Fighting againstthe Cossacks, Moscovites, Swedes, and Transilvanians, he passed through the whole hierarchy of military ranks. He was in command of a hussar ensign, cavalry regiment and large cavalry formations. At the same time Palubinski wasn’t a politician and he didn’t understand well the cobwebs of the game played by the royal court and the ruling elite with the Sapiehas, Radzivils, and Paces (later on) at the head. Though well started carrier seemed to bring Palubinski to the highest military rank, he, in deed, hadn’t gone up the hierarchy during 13 years. Two times he lost his chances for the rank of field hetman for he was in the opposition to the throne. This demonstrates that no one could gain such a high rank without royal support. However, due to his military carrier, Palubinsky gathered vast estate and appeared to be in the list of the richest magnates of the Grand Duchy of that period. He also managed to get one of the high senator positions — the position of the Major Marshal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.