Аndrej Antonaŭ. Sketches to the biography of Aliaksandr Ružancoŭ

Aliaksandr Ružancoŭ (1893-1966) a Belarusian poet, translator, historian, a Lithuanian military officer and bibliographer. In the interwar years he was a notable person in cultural life of Lithuania and seems to be the only example of a successful career of an ethnical Belarusian in liberal arts in this country as well as the author of multiple Belarusian publications of Lithuania and Western Belarus. Nevertheless, owing to some circumstances his personality and creative activity actually remain little -known in his father land. This text is one of the first attempts to introduce the biography of Aliaksandr Ružancoŭ to a Belarusian reader. It is written resting upon the archive materials and publications in Lithuanian periodicals.