Źmicier Kryvašejeŭ. Organization and functioning of Niasviž cadet corps in the 40ies and middle of the 50ies of the XVIIIth century

New achieve documents found by researchers enabled to specify the date of foundation of the first Niasviź cadet academy, the oldest military school in Belarus. Founded in 1740, it was a quarter of century older than the first similar military institution in Poland — Warsaw cadet corps.

Namely the first Niasviź cadet academy became the basement of national military education. It laid foundation to not only half-century tradition of military cadet education but also to the formation of GDL’s military teaching staff. Owing to the military school established by Michal Kazimir Radziwill for the first time in history the hails from GDL and Poland had the opportunity to obtain knowledge in military disciplines and to get military officer rank without leaving home. Over nearly a decade and a half of the existence of Niasviź military school about 50 attendees graduated from it. Further on many of them took high positions in GDL.