Dzmitryi Vićko. The talks between the Republicans and the Sapieha family at the Congress in Hrodna in autumn 1701

After the victory over the Sapiehas near Alkeniki (Valkininkai)in 1700 the Republicans ruled out to deprive them of all their estates in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and of their offices. Such a decision went against the legislation of that time violating the prerogatives of the Diet and the King’s powers. When it became evident that it would be impossible to pass the ruling legally since the Polish elite together with August II stood for the peaceful resolution of the conflict, the Republicans had to agree on the peace talks with the Sapiehas. The talks were held in October 1701 within the congress of the nobles of the GDL in Hrodna and were mediated by the Royal Commissioner and GDL vice-chancellor Stanislau Antony Ščuka. The stance of the King’s Court that favored the Sapiehas at that time could be explained by their wish to prevent the Sapiehas taking  the side of Sweden during the possible Swedish military intervention into the Commonwealth. The talks were focused on a number of issues. The most important of them were about the GDL high officials’ powers (the grand hetman, the treasurer andthe marshal), property and financial claims and also on the trusteeship of the „Neuburg territories”. Despite the considerable success the parties failed to find a compromise on the command of the GDL army. As a result the talks were wrecked. It encouraged further collaboration between the Sapieha family and Sweden and prompted the Republicans to orient to Russia, which resulted in involvement of the GDL and the Polish Crown into the Great Northern War.