Alena Marková. Historical consciousness as a subject of self-reflection in Czech historiographical discourse

Today, the notion of historical consciousness is an inherent part of Czech historiographical discourse. This situation is hardly a natural occurrence, but a result of a long-time previous development. In this paper I shall discuss this development. Not only is it the goal of this exposition to present the Belarusian scholars with the dynamics of development of the notion of the historical consciousness in Czech historiography, but also to acquaint them with the theoretical framework of the notion and with its variations, with the state of work done up to date, with the results and directions of Czech historical science in the field of research of historical consciousness. The material gathered in this paper may lay foundations to the future directions of research, elaboration and comparison of the theoretical conceptions, terminological frameworks and of possible results achieved by the Belarusian historical science. This paper also wishes to provide an impulse to the scientific discussions and various approaches in the field of research of the historical consciousness.