Anton Liavicki. On Inside Emigration of Belarusian Intellectuals in BSSR (1964–1985)

The conditions of the development of Belarusian culture in the period of stagnation provided for acceptance of socialist realism method and Marxism-Leninism ideology by intellectuals as producers of culture. Though it is generally considered that Belarusian intellectual elite was quite conformist, far not all its representatives agreed at heart with imposed ideological schemes. Accepting them outwardly they aspired to follow other way, dissociate themselves from official culture. This was how the situation of inside emigration had been being created. According to the degree of integration into official culture and their aims three types of inside emigrants are defined. In the article, the author characterizes the persons of Michail Dubianecki, Uladzimir Karatkievič, Nil Hilievič, Aleś Razanaŭ and tries to correlate them with possible variants of inside emigration.