Jury Hryboŭski. Belarusian Independence Adherents’ Camp in the West after World War II in the Eyes of Polish Emigrants

After the end of World War II a definite number of Polish and Belarusian anticommunists found themselves in the West. In spite of certain difficulties, both among Polish and Belarusian emigrants there were people who were conscious of necessity to settle disputable issues. Soon, at the edge of 1940–50s, it came up to attempts to establish close contacts and achieve political cooperation in the fight against communism. The appearance of Belarusian political camp in emigration was not uniform in the eyes of Polish emigrants. According to certain political reasons, the representatives of Polish emigrant government quite positively estimated the activity of the Council of BPR (Belarusian People’s Republic) headed by Mikola Abramčyk but negatively took the emigration united around BCC (Belarusian Central Council) and Radaslaŭ Astroŭski.