Jury Hardziejeŭ. Immovable Property of Nobility in Hrodna, the Second Half of the 17th and the 18th Century (Organisational and Economic Aspects of the Functioning)

Jurydyka may be defined as an immovable property of nobility or clergy excluded from municipal jurisdiction. These enclaves of nobility’s real estates have been rising in the modern times in royal cities of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. This trend can be also seen in royal city Harodnia where a considerable amount of real property of nobility have been formed. Thus, this article attempts to analyze reasons of economic activity of nobility on the property market of Harodnia. A lot of useful information can be gleaned from inventories of nobility’s real estates.

The impact of a parliamentary character of this city and visits of Kings on the situation in the real estate market should be taken into consideration. At the same time, Harodnia was a center of a district. There were many institutions in the city, for example, courts, local dietine or schools. In view of this, I have pointed the main areas of interest of nobility in the city. They invested in urban land, bought lots and buildings, traded on this market, used navigable river.

Residences of magnates had their own self-government. They were a source of income for nobility. At the same time expenses for the upkeep of the estates were one of the main expense items of the owners.