Jury Hryboŭski. The “Latvian” Period of Activity of Mikalaj Dziamidaŭ (1922–1942).

The article deals with the life and work of Mikalaj Dziamidaŭ, a political and military activist and teacher. It discusses his activity during his stay in Latvia. This period consists of two phases: the activity in the independent Latvian state and during the years when Latvia was under Soviet and German occupation. Then Dziamidaŭ was a member of the Belarusian national movement, leader of many Belarusian socio-cultural and educational organizations, an organizer of Belarusian education and a teacher. The author also focuses on little known episodes of his biography, which may be controversial and disputed, among others his cooperation with the Latvian political police and NKVD and his collaboration with the Third Reich. Dziamidaŭ’s trip from Latvia to Belarus in 1942 closes narrative.