Siarhiej Novikaŭ. Military Action in Belarus in the Summer of 1941: Myths of Historiography and Historical Reality.

It is the first-ever study in both Belarusian and foreign historiography that analyses bilateral military action in Belarus during the first two months of the Soviet-German war on the basis of comparativehistorical methodology. The author offers a reconstruction of fighting, focusing on new documentary sources of both German and Soviet origin.

The new sources have enabled the researcher to deepen the knowledge of history to an essential degree and to approach objective representation of the initial phase of the war. He shows that as a result of the military operations of the Red Army in Belarus the Heeresgruppe Mitte did not only cease its treacherous offensive but also was actually put on the defensive for the first time on the central prong of the attack on Moscow, according to Adolf Hitler’s Order No. 34 of 30 July, 1941.