Dzmitry Vićko. After diet campaign of 1699 in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

The article covers one of the last political campaigns of the 17th century which conditioned the course of events of the following crucial for the GDL year 1700.
After diet dietines of the GDL had debates on the following questions: the assessment of the Diet of 1699 decrees, the constitution on Lithuanian Treasury Tribunal as a priority, the problem of Saxon forces presence in the GDL and the attitude to the issue of the reconstruction of the GDL army whose great part was disbanded in 1698. There was disagreement on the first and the last points between the Sapiehas and the republicans: the former were for the Lithuanian Treasury Tribunal convocation and the GDL Army restoration, the latter were against it. The royal court spoke in favour of Saxon forces presence in the GDL (in order to use it in the attack on Sweden).
According to the results of this campaign the Sapiehas’ position on the main question (the Lithuanian Treasury Tribunal convocation) is supposed to be supported by nine dietines, at least three ones opposed it (on the republicans’ side), two more dietines were divided. The participation in the Tribunal work of the deputies elected on two more dietines was subject to conditions that made it unlikely. There was cooperation between the groups at the dietine in Brest. At least two dietines was disrupted. In total half of the GDL districts intended to take part in the Treasury Tribunal.
All the dietines spoke out against Saxon forces presence in the GDL. Only a little evidence of nobility’s attitude to the issue of the GDL army reconstruction survived. Two districts opposed it, one dietine supported this idea, other dietines’ attitudes are unknown but the nobility was unlikely to have interest in it.