Dzmitry Vićko. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Delegates at the Coronation of August II

The main event in the process of establishing the power of Augustus II in the Commonwealth was his coronation which took place in Krakow 15 October 1697. After that, the coronation Diet (17 September – 1 October) was held where a number of vacant posts in The Grand Duchy of Lithuania were distributed and the resolution on the equalization of the rights of the Polish and Lithuanian nobility adopted by the Election Diet was also confirmed.

Lithuanian delegates played an important role at the Coronation Diet. A group of Republicans (Pociej, Wollowicz, Zaranek, Lukomski, Wiszniowiecki), most of whom later grew from district leaders to the country’s political elite, was especially active. Since many Crown voivodeships and lands were absent and the GDL was represented almost completely, Lithuanian and Polish delegates spoke in fact proportionally at the Diet.

After the Coronation Diet after diet dietines and congresses were used by republicans for mobilization of nobles’ armed forces against the Sapiehas. As a result, this after diet campaign resulted in the resumption of civil war in the GDL. However, the scope of the movement was limited to only three eastern districts and Samogitia so far.