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In deep autumn 10 years ago Mikalaj Ulascyk who was an outstanding and tragic figure in our historical studies died. He was the second historian after Mitrafan Doŭnar-Zapolski of such a scale. So as the latter Ulaščyk almost all his mature life had to spend far from his Fatherland. Being a highly intelligent scholar he has always remained the Belarusian man and demonstrated the examples of civic courage. Publication of every book of him was a real event for Belarusian historiography.

Now, knowing much about his life and realities of undersoviet Belarus, we can affirm that in hard years of communist party domination Ulaščyk embodied conscious of national Belarusian historiography. But avoiding any pathetic elements editorial board gives pages of this issue to Mikalaj Ulaščyk himself, to his friends, and followers.

Editorial board selected only unpublished papers of the scholar. The texts are given without any changes with preservation of some peculiarities of author’s style and with insignificant linguistic unification. The letters are placed chronologically and are only a part of rich epistolary heritage. The list of scientific publications includes books and articles (without newspaper and literary ones).

Devoting this issue of Belarusian Historical Review to Mikalaj Ulaščyk editorial board hopes to put a beginning to a tradition of special publications dedicated to memorial dates of Belarusian historians and hopes to return to Belarus those people who returned to Belarus itself its past. Historian returns in his texts. In our minds Ulaščyk is immortal.