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Maria Kałamajska-Saeed. Were the Jesuits so insidious in reality?

A mysterious document that allegedly was a detailed project of destruction of Orthodoxy in the Polish-Lithuanian State has been a household word among Russian historians since the end of the XVIII century. This text has been repeatedly published and, at the same time, the veracity of the project has been questioned. Recently the issue has been reactualized by publications of Inessa Slyunkova who has treated the document as credible and has dated it by the beginning of the XVIII century. However, the analysis of this document enables to recognize its as propaganda fabrication to justify the repressive religious policy of the Russian authorities in the former lands of the Commonwealth. The article demonstrates inaccuracies, inconsistencies and many statements which provide strong evidence, that the anonymous author of the mentioned “Project” did not know the true relationship that prevailed in the Commonwealth.