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Dmitrij Levin. The obituary of Macviej Fursau, a historian from Mahilou as a biografic source.

The curriculum vitae of this Belarusist in modern reference books is limited by the end of the 19–th century, and the anonymous text of the obituary, originally published in the official newspaper of local administration («Mogilevskiye Gubernskiye Vedomosti», 1901, unofficial, №43, May 30, p.185–186), gives additional information.
The author has compared the text with the documents of the Department of Public Education (now in the Russian State Historical Archive), official and unofficial publications in the periodics of the last century and come to the conclusion that all the facts of the obituary, connected with the service of this 4–th class official, were extracted from his official list.
M.Fursau was born in 1825. On graduating the Philosphy Faculty of SPb University, his carrier began as a chief teacher in the Pskov classic school (1848) and an inspector of the Pskov military school. Later on, he served as director of the classic school in Shawly (1865–1872), Sluck (1872–1876) and Mahileu (1876–1886). There is no information on his origin, primary education (3–th classic school in SPb, 1845) and speciality (general candidate of the university) in the text.
The authorship of historical articles of M.Fursau (mainly anonymous or under the pseudonyms) mentioned in the text, including some information on Belarusian and Jewish history, was confirmed by other sources. Perhaps, the anonymous obituary author (probably, M.N.Sozonov, a teacher and historian of Mahileu college) consulted with E.Ramanau, who replaced M.Fursau as an editor of «Mogilevskiye Gubernskiye Vedomosti» after 1897.
The testimony of Fursau as a chauvinist, given in the text, is at a variance with diary of N.N.Kulikov, an educator and dramatist, with contents of Fursau’s publications, statistics and other sources. The author considers him to be a Russian liberal collaborated with Imperial authorities on the ground of public enlightenment and study of local law.
In his commentary to the obituary, the author had to correct some errors in the obituary and added some information on Fursau’s activity in the Pskov, Kovno and Mahileu administration statistical commities and on publications in local official and Vilna educational district editions (including anonymous and signed by «М.Ф.», «М.Ф–ъ», «М.В.Ф.», «М.Ф–в», «Ф.».)
According to sources, other than the obituary text, Fursau opposed the official course of discrimination of minorities in education, and this accounts for his resignation.