Belarusian Historical Review. Volume 16 Fascicle 2 (31) December 2009

Stefan Rohdewald. On the veneration of Jazafat Kuncevič in the XVIIth сentury
Źmicier Kryvašejeŭ. Organization and functioning of Niasviž cadet corps in the 40ies and middle of the 50ies of the XVIIIth century
Cimafiej Akudovič. The approach of „three provinces» and unification tendencies at the Four-Year Sejm
Аlexander Friedman. „Whether it is time to stop aggression in Finland…»
Thomas M. Bohn. The bricklayer Denis Bulachov in socialistic hero city Minsk: Sketches to a Soviet life project
Aleh Hardzijenka. The political rift of Belarusian emigration in 1940th

Аndrej Antonaŭ. Sketches to the biography of Aliaksandr Ružancoŭ

Jaŭhien Aniščanka. Karl Fodello’s tractate on state of the Jews in the Russian Empire

Crіtіcal artіcles — Revіews
Ryszard Radzik. The Belarusian apology of the „triune Russian nation»
Henadź Sahanovič. When the precursors are silent. A pseudoscientific book about the battle of Tannenberg
Ihar Klimaŭ. A German book on church history of Belarus
Іryna Synkova. Research on confessionalization in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Miron Kapral. History of Polack as presented by a Swiss historian
Sorkina, Inna. Small towns of Belarus from the end of the 18th to the first half of the 19th century (Аndrej Kištymaŭ)
Brakel, Alexander. Unter Rotem Stern und Hakenkreuz: Baranowicze 1939 bis 1944. (Siarhiej Novikaŭ)
East and West. History and Contemporary State of Eastern Studies. Ed. J. Malicki, L. Zasztowt (Аlieksandr Cichamiraŭ)
Soviet repression policy in Belarus. Ed. by Ihar Kuzniacoŭ and Jakaŭ Basin. Vol. 1-3 (Minsk, 2007) (Volha Bilievič, Міchaś Straliec)

Dissertations on history to be defended in 2008-2009 (Nina Kamarova)
Books received