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Belarusian Historical Review. Volume 28 Fascicles 1-2 (54–55) December 2021

Dzmitry Vićko. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Delegates at the Coronation of August II
Natallia Anofranka. Juvenile and Minor Crime from 1830s until 1850s in the lands of Belarus
Cimoch Kavalieŭski. Belarusian People’s Republic as a Democratic Alternative to Bolshevik Dictatorship in Belarus
Aliaksandr Paharely. Towards the Problem of Social Darwinism and Its Contexts in West Belarusian Periodical Press
Hienadź Sahanovič. Otherwise-mindedness of the Academic Intelligentsia in Soviet Belarus of the Thaw
Міroslav Hroch. Memory and Historical Consciousness

New Literature: Reviews
Jury Vnukovič. The first history of Belarus in Lithuanian as a step towards agreeing of national narratives
Jury Hardziejeŭ. Jury Bochan as a researcher of historical geography of Belarus
Siarhiej Novikaŭ. A new view on the history of fighting in Brest fortress in summer 1941
The researchers of the archaeological antiquities of Belarus: a bio-bibliographic handbook / by Viciaź S., Miadźviedzieva V., Dučyc L. Minsk, 2020 (Іhar Jazepienka)
Аkinševič, Leŭ. Selected works / sel. and edit. by N. Hardzijenka and L. Jurevič. Minsk, 2021 (Siarhiej Jemialjanaŭ)
Lemeshkin, Ilya. Portrait of Francysk Skaryna. On the 550th birth anniversary of the publisher. Vilnius – Prague, 2020 (Аlbina Siemiančuk)
Korespondencja wojskowa hetmana Janusza Radziwiłła w latach 1646–1655. Część 1. Diariusz kancelaryjny 1649–1653 / oprac. M. Nagielski (i in.). Warszawa, 2019; Część 2. Listy / oprac. K. Bobiatyński (i in.). Warszawa, 2020 (Yurii Mytsyk)
Dr Maria Paula Survilla (1964-2020): Scholar and Advocate of Belarusian Culture: an Anthology of Writings Dedicated to the Memory of colleague / [sel. and introd. by Z. Gimpelevič; ed. by N. Hardzijenka et. al.]. Minsk, 2021. (Siarhiej Jemialjanaŭ)

Dissertations on history submitted in 2021 (Natallia Anofranka)

In memoriam
In remembrance of Jaŭhien Aniščanka (Viktar Chursik)
A researcher interested in the process. In memory of Uladzimir Liachoŭski (Аlieś Paškievič)

Authors of the issue