Belarusian Historical Review. Volume 29 Fascicles 1-2 (56–57) December 2022

Robert Kołodziej. The phenomenon of “the Limita” in Dietines of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the Reign of Jan III Sobieski.
Aliaksandr Doŭnar. Financial reporting of the self-governing cities in Belarus from the second half of 16th till 18th century.
Raisa Zianiuk. Traditions of Alcohol Consumption and Production in Roman Catholic Monasteries and Theological Seminaries in the Belarusian Lithuanian Lands (1772–1914).
Hienadź Sahanovič. Many Faces of the Kryčaŭ Peasant Uprising, or The Need for a New Look at Social Conflicts.
Aliaksandr Paharely. Towards the Problem of Relationship of “Nature” and “Culture” in the West Belarusian Periodical Press.
Siarhiej Novikaŭ. In search of a precise number of Nazi victims in Belarus (on example of the Trascianiec death camp).
Ryszard Radzik. Poles and Eastern Slavs: Social Conditions of Forming Identity and Mentality.
Miroslav Hroch. On European Roots of a Nation, Nationalism and Patriotism.

New Literature: Reviews
Viktar Jakubaŭ. To the question of the place of the GDL in the foreign policy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 1th third of the 17th century.
Iryna Ramanava. Get out of the shadow of ghosts.
Edda. Songs about gods / transl. and cmt. by J. Papakul. Minsk, 2021; Snorri Sturluson Edda / transl. and cmt. by J. Papakul. Minsk, 2021; Edda. Songs about heroes / transl. and cmt. by J. Papakul. Minsk, 2022 (Siarhiej Jemialjanaŭ).
Mühle, Eduard. Slavic Peoples. Reality and fiction of the community, 6th – 15th century. Warsaw, 2020 (Vasil Varonin).
Tymošenko, Leonid. Ruthenian religious culture of Vilna. Context of the epoch. Communities. Literature and bookishness (16th – the first third of the 17th centuries. Drohobyč, 2020 (Juraś Laŭryk).
Ramanava, Iryna M. Branding of the Red Dragon: 1937–1939 in the BSSR. Moscow, 2021 (Iryna Machoŭskaja).
Ramanava, Iryna M. Branding of the Red Dragon: 1937–1939 in the BSSR. Moscow, 2021 (Viačaslaŭ Miańkoŭski).
Kiś, Oksana. Ukrainian women in the Gulag: to survive means to win. Lviv, 2017 (Tacciana Astroŭkaja).
Аstrouskaya, Tatsiana. Cultural Dissent in Soviet Belarus (1968–1988). Intelligentsia, Samizdat and Nonconformist Discourses. Wiesbaden, 2019 (Felix Ackermann).
Kamusella, Tomasz. Words in Space and Time: A Historical Atlas of Language Politics in Modern Central Europe. Budapest and New York, 2021 (Siarhiej Zaprudski).

In memoriam
Zachar Šybieka. Wizards don’t die. A word about Adam Maldzis (1932–2022).
Vital Zajka. In memory of Janka Zaprudnik (1926–2022).

Dissertations on history submitted in 2022.

Authors of the issue.