Bielarusian Historical Review Volume 3, Fascicle 1 (May 1996)

Editorial word


From historiograpbical heritage (articles, reviews, references)

The First Lithuanian Statut (Code): from the history of finding and investigation of the manuscripts

Notes concerning some divisions of the text «Belarus in the 13th — middle of the 16th c.»

Notes (very brief) concerning the text «Belarus in the 13th — middle of the 16th c.»

What’s not done

Notes concerning the «letter» of A.Zaleski «From ideological oddities to nationalism and anti-sovietism»

Reference on the book of E.Zaharulski «The beginning of Minsk»

Reference on the article of J.Maraš «From the history of the class struggle in posessions of Belarusian catholic church in the middle of the 17th-18th c.»

A book about Janka Kupala

Epistolary heritage


Reminiscences of friends and colleagues

L.Aliaksiejeu. Mikalaj Ulaščyk

J.Bardach. My meetings with Mikalaj Ulaščyk

V.Buhanau. «We are together 30 already»

V.Hryckievic. Has remained as a leading light

V.Zubkouski. In memory of Mikola Ulaščyk

V.Kipel. Uncle Mikola

ANarbut. My meetings with Ulaščyk

A word about Ulaščyk

The main scientific works of Mikalaj Ulaščyk

The chronicle of honouring of memory of Mikalaj Ulaščyk