Новы нумар

Iryna Synkova, Michail Tarelka. A sorcerer text from a Belarusian-Tatar manuscript

The article is dedicated to the manuscript П19-20/Нр13 (Р404) from the collection of the Tatar manuscripts of the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The manuscript is written in the mixed Belarusian-Polish language with the Arabian letters and contains nineteen prescriptions against the different illnesses. Most of the remedies (of the vegetable, animal or mineral origin) described in the researched book of home cures are typical for the popular medicine of the different nations. Part of the prescriptions has an analogy in the popular medicine of the Eastern Slavs. The illnesses have Belarusian or Polish names. The fragments of Koran are quoted in the manuscript as a spells that says about the belonging of its owner to Islam. The material of the manuscript is an evidence of the various cultural influences and is a valuable source for researching the history of the culture both of Belarusians and the national minorities of Belarus.