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Iryna Ramanava. “Lepel affair”: 1937 in Belarus

Regional show trials of 1937 in the Soviet Union are the subject of a number of foreign researchers. However, the first of them took place in the Byelorussian SSR in the Lepel district. The so-called “Lepelskoe delo” served as a model for the organization of hundreds of similar processes around the Soviet Union and acted as a starting point for stripping at all levels of government. However, an explanation of the causes and scope of Union scale of the company only Stalin’s attempt to find scapegoats for failures in business and play on the companies if peculiar peasants naively monarchist sentiment is somewhat simplisticIt is not quite right to see it only as part of the repression 1937–1938. It seems that the company has also been an attempt to appease the limitless violence that engulfed the village in the 1930s, to establish control over the local authorities.

And, obviously, the peasantry was still a powerful force, which in 1937 in large part remained unconquered, forcing authorities to seek new forms of interaction.