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Iryna Ramanava. Post-war Jewish Babrujsk.

Post-war Jewish Babrujsk Iryna Ramanava The study of Jewish life under the scheme: the return from the evacuation-antisemitism-emigration, as it noted Anna CichopekGajraj, greatly reduces the diversity and complexity of the Jewish experience after the war. It is important to study how occurred the return of the Jews from evacuation and their adaptation to the conditions after the Holocaust, what acted as an integrating factor for the Jewish community in the post-war years, what means to be a Jew at that time. For this purpose, oral history expedition in Babrujsk was held in September 2014.
Jews returned to the city after the others, the preserved house and available jobs were already taken. After returning, each family inevitably faced the situation post-Holocaust. However, as highlighted by our interlocutors, who after the war were children, awareness of the scale of the Holocaust was not, it was the perception of the tragedy at the level of bereaved relatives, relatives, acquaintances.
Babrujsk became a place of attraction for the surviving Jews from neighboring towns.
In the early postwar years, the authorities noted the growth of religious sentiment among Jews. Babrujsk synagogue, in the short period of its activity, had not become a place that would unite all religious Jews of the city (including due to differences with the leadership of the synagogue). At the same time there were unregistered synagogues which distributed to formation of the secret structure of Jewish life.
Soviet limitation of public expression of religious faith moved the religious rituals in the domestic sphere, where they continued to function as a family business, the tradition remained behind closed doors, which, of course, even in the face of secularization and atheisation had an impact on children. Many continued to associate their Jewish identity with specific food traditions. Sometimes children could not subject to reflection Jewish tradition which took place at home and perceived it as obvious.