Belarusian Historical Review. Volume 23 Fascicles 1–2 (44–45) December 2016

Contents Articles

Andrzej Gil. The Union Tendency in the Orthodox Church of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the Late 15th and Early 16th Centuries.

Aliaksandr Paharely. Press and the Public Sphere in the West Belarusian Village in 1920s–1930s.

Jury Hryboŭski. The “Latvian” Period of Activity of Mikalaj Dziamidaŭ (1922–1942).

Siarhiej Novikaŭ. Military Action in Belarus in the Summer of 1941: Myths of Historiography and Historical Reality.

Iryna Ramanava. Post-war Jewish Babrujsk.

Marek Figura, Łukasz Staśkiewicz. The Alhierd Monument in Viciebsk as an Element of the Politics of Memory.

Sante Graciotti. On the Studies of Belarusian Tristan in Italy.

Hienadź Sahanovič. The Union of Lublin and Its Consequences as Viewed by Mikalaj Ulaščyk.

Hieronim Grala. Was the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth a Colonial Creature?

Yurii Mytsyk. Inventory and Vetting of Lojeŭ and Horval from the 17th – the Middle of the 18th Century.


New Literature: Reviews

Jury Hardziejeŭ. Comments on the study of history of self-government in Belarus.

Alena Marková. Critical notes on Belarusian nationalism in the study of Per Anders Rudling

Juraś Bačyšča. Polish politics of education in Paleśsie: known and unknown.

Aliaksandr Lanieŭski. History of political inefficientness: a Polish view on Belarusian opposition.

Starčenko, Natalia. Honour, blood and rhetoric. A conflict in the gentry community of the Volhynian. Kyiv, 2014 (Vital Halubovič).

Kamusella, Tomasz. The Politics of Language and Nationalism in Modern Central Europe. Palgrave MacMillan, 2012 (Siarhiej Zaprudski).

Mačiulis, Dangiras / Staliūnas, Darius. Lithuanian Nationalism and the Vilnius Question, 1883–1940. Marburg, 2015 (Aliaksandr Paharely).

Hrebień, Evgebii А. The civilian population under German occupation (1941–1944). Minsk, 2016 (Liuboŭ Kozik).

Diskriminier – vernichtet – vergessen. Behinderte in der Sowjetunion, unter nationalsozialistischer Besatzung und im Ostblock 1917–1991 / Hg. von A. Friedman und R. Hudemann. Stuttgart, 2016 (Siarhiej Novikaŭ).

Bohn, Thomas М. “Phenomenon of Minsk”. Towns planning and urbanization in the Soviet Union after 1945. Minsk, 2016 (Siarhiej Chareŭski).

Dissertations on history submitted in 2014–2016 (Natallia Anofranka).

Authors of the issue.