Dzmitry Vićko. Lithuanian Treasury Tribunal of 1700

The article treats one of the episodes in the struggle between the republicans and the Sapiehas in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which escalated into civil war in the late 17th century.

The attempted settlement of the conflict at the end of 1698 provided for the disbandment of the most of the GDL armed forces, the Sapiehas’ support, and partial salary payment to them. In order to provide the pay of this money the Diet of 1699 made a ruling to convene the Lithuanian Treasury Tribunal. Its convocation was used by the Sapiehas to retrieve their influence in the GDL while the republicans tried to dispute the legitimacy of this Tribunal. They insisted on the fact that the Diet hadn’t rendered a decision on its convocation, that there was nothing but the discussion of the project.

Finally, the Sapiehas managed to provide themselves with the support of the majority of the senators and the officials appointed into the Traesury Tribunal stuff as well as with the minimal majority (by one person) of the deputies elected from the districts. Nevertheless, the situation was unstable. The republicans addressed to the king Augustus II and as the result of trilateral agreement (the Sapiehas, the Radziwiłłs, the King) the second cadence of this Tribunal was postponed. As the first cadence revealed the serious financial abuse committed by republican leaders, they were interested in this Tribunal not to finish its work. The Treasury Tribunal activity led to the increase of tension in the GDL and became one of the reasons of the resumption of fighting between the groups which ended in failure of the Sapiehas in the battle of Alkieniki (Valkininkai) 18 November 1700.